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A couple of years ago a friend came to me and asked if there were anything at all that could be done with hypnosis to at least somewhat relieve her allergy symptoms. I agreed to try an experiment and see how it went. Here is her testimony of the result: 

Hi Phil

Here's my testimonial you requested

For over 40 years, every March through August, I suffered with severe allergy symptoms to tree and grass pollens. During my teens and 20s allergists prescribed progressively stronger medications. All of those drugs made me feel like a zombie; feeling exhausted and not alert every spring and summer. The only places I felt human were in a window-less air-conditioned room or in the shower. In my 30s, I no longer wanted to feel drugged so I explored alternative medicine; such as strict vegetarian diet with classical homeopathy for 5 years (which improved my symptoms a little), and sequentially for another 5 years using ayurvedic healing modalities, acupuncture, kinesiology, and herbal treatments. Still no relief. Then in my 40s I went back to traditional medicine and did 3 years of allergy shots and tried medications again. However, my body didn't like the prescription drugs with steroids. I stopped using them and tried every over-the-counter drug available. Still no relief. Then, four years ago I started doing hypnotherapy with Phil Gowins. I must admit that I was suspicious about how this self-healing approach could possibly work on allergies. But I trusted Phil, and decided to try it once. What surprised me during the first session was that I discovered that the root-cause of my symptoms was emotionally-based not genetically-based! No wonder drugs had little or no effect! I started thinking, hummm... can our emotions really have an effect on our health? I was curious and open to explore this new idea. So, for three years I had 3-4 hypnotherapy sessions per year with Phil during allergy season. The hypnotherapy halted my symptoms for several days, but they always returned. The relief didn't stick. With Phil's encouragement I didn't give up. I realized that whatever the emotional-cause was, was hooked deep in my subconscious. I had faith that with persistent effort over time I would one day unhook whatever it was that was surfacing as allergy misery. This year, 2012, I had a huge surprise... No Symptoms in March, April, May... while people around me were saying that this is the worst pollen year ever! Wow! I recalled when I first started treatments, Phil asked me, "Judy, can you imagine what your life would be like as a healthy person?" I couldn't because I couldn't remember living through a spring/summer without a pocket-full of tissues. Then, I was unprepared for another surprise that involves making a conscious mental adjustment. I'm learning to acknowledge that my newly-healed body is really symptom-free, alert and welcomes outdoor activities! It feels like a miracle! Thank you Phil. You're a fabulous hypnotherapist!

Judy , Suffern NY