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The Mind

The mind is a wondrous thing. Our conscious mind solves problems with reason and logic. The conscious mind makes thousands of decisions every day and set goals for everything we wish to accomplish. It has certain memories at the fore front – such as social security numbers, telephone numbers, where you parked the car. It can and does work with the subconscious mind. In fact, it directs the subconscious mind. The mind is not a closed system.

The subconscious mind has several parts. One part is responsible for our circulation, breathing, digestion, and the proper functioning of all our organs. Another part carries the know-how of all those activities we learned and now do automatically. We don't have to think about how to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, talk, and so on. Another part holds all of our memories in 3D as it were and those memories are imbued with emotion. The subconscious is not very logical however; it tends to be extremely literal. All of our beliefs are held in the subconscious mind. And it carries them out faithfully whether or not those beliefs are true, helpful or life-affirming. In one sense, it is like a computer which acts on its programming.

All of our beliefs are not really helpful, however. Those beliefs form structures or fences around our experience which form limitations of our very being, and our experience in and of the world. In short, they create boundaries to our real experience. So, it is necessary to really examine what we believe to be true.

Some years ago, under the influence of Freud, we became wary of the subconscious, believing that it holds all kinds of unsavory thoughts and memories that are better kept hidden. We began to think that we are not responsible for ourselves because of our subconscious reactions. 

Unlike a computer, however, the subconscious mind, does struggle to work around our belief systems. Often our dreams are messages from the subconscious in an effort to give us a new understanding, a new direction, a new purpose. It has an amazing capacity to teach through symbols and intuition.

The conscious mind, with its critical assessment, accepts or rejects any information or suggestions from the outside according to our beliefs. Having this critical factor is, in most cases, a good thing to have, but not when we want to make a change in our lives. That is why we need to really examine what we believe to be true about ourselves and our reality.

We may hold the following beliefs without questioning whether they are true or whether they will always be true. For example,

            The world is a cruel place.

            No one loves me and I will never be loved.

            No one appreciates me.

            I am not creative.

            I am fat.

            I am a smoker.

            I am scared and helpless.

            I am poor and will always be poor.

            The rich are evil, selfish, arrogant, etc.

In some cases a traumatic memory may be buried in the subconscious mind. Even as children we make serious decisions about any event which is seen as traumatic and which can take hold in the subconscious mind. Bringing that memory to conscious awareness can help to understand the event in a new way and help create a reassessment or reevaluation of what took place. It can help us to change our behavior, to release fears, or anger. Even if the structures or fences do not disappear totally, they can with time soften and eventually disappear. 

We are limited in certain ways and unlimited in other ways. We are educated and trained to hold trades or professions. It is good to know our limitations but also good to know where we are not limited. In the depths of our minds we are connected one to the other. We know within a few seconds when someone is staring at us. We often know when someone is thinking of us. We often intuitively know the right course of action. 

This brings us to the idea of the Self. The Self is not limited. As we examine our beliefs, our thoughts and question whether they are really true or are only partially true or will always be true, those fences or structures can break down or soften. The result is to give us more space to be, to experience, to accomplish and to enjoy life. Furthermore, new qualities begin to emerge, qualities that are dormant in our being. That's the best part. We are meant to be happy. Happiness is a natural state. We are meant to enjoy and experience life. 

The key here is awareness of the contents of our thoughts and to be vigilant about what we are doing. We may not always know why we do things the way we do, but at least we become aware. It is the beginning of solving our problems. If the problems are too deeply set, psychology may be the answer. Hypnosis is useful for everyday problems and everyday worries.

In hypnosis, it is important to have the right attitude toward the suggestions that are given. If you think, "Wow, I like that suggestion. I know it will work," then it will take hold in the subconscious mind. And the subconscious will faithfully accept it and make it happen. Hypnosis by-passes the critical factor of the conscious mind allowing positive suggestions to take hold. 

May your true nature continue to unfold in beautiful and wondrous ways.

God bless you,

Dawn Gowins