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 The Raphaelite Work  

The Raphaelite Work supports a journey into the worlds of transformation and healing, working with an approach towards self-discovery that allows one to live life more fully and abundantly. There is an understanding in the Raphaelite Work that there are many ways in which we experience life, and in this work we bring our awareness to the language of what the Raphaelite Work identifies as the five domains: the physical, mental, emotional, moral, and spiritual parts of ourselves. When we bring this awareness to the study of our life’s experiences with no demands or preconceived agendas to follow, a natural intelligence may begin to arise, informing and guiding us. The Raphaelite Work also uses breathing practices, and a process called inquiry and reflection, to further a new understanding of self and our relationships with others.

There are three components of the Raphaelite Work: the Raphaelite Work hands-on healing session, the Raphaelite Work One-to-One session and a Raphaelite Work Retreat.

I. The Raphaelite Work Hands-on Healing Session The Raphaelite Work healing session begins with a pre-session interview, orienting both the client and the practitioner to a place in which to begin the session. While the client is fully dressed and lying on a massage table or a futon on the floor, the Raphaelite Work practitioner gently places his/her hands on specific points of the client’s body relating to the elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. These points are used to bring about a discussion of any sensations, thoughts, or feelings that might arise. Following the hands-on session is a post-session interview; this time is spent helping to integrate the information from the five domains, to look at how the energy is flowing, and to recognize whatever changes may have occurred within the domains.      

II. The Raphaelite Work One-to-One Healing Session The client and the One-to-One Facilitator begin a discussion centering on the client’s relationship to his/her experiences of the five domains. Through a healing presence in a One-to-One session, the client will find clarity developing in his/her understanding of self and his/her relationship to others. The One-to-One Facilitator, listening from his/her heart, using love and compassion, and allowing the client to feel at ease, will use breath, and inquiry, resulting in a gentle, non-directive, non-judgmental atmosphere. The Facilitator does not give advice, share opinions, or become personally involved in the client’s process.     

III. Raphaelite Work Retreat With the guidance of a Raphaelite Work Retreat Guide, the Raphaelite Retreat offers time and space to be by oneself, exploring in depth the language and the flow of energies in the five domains. While on retreat, one leaves behind the day-to-day activities of life, and is supported in turning one’s attention inward. The Raphaelite Work Retreat deepens and clarifies the relationship with one’s self and life, offering a greater clarity in dealing with everyday problems. Through using practices of breath, and presence, and in working within the five domains, a new sense of self develops and a new feeling of joy may emerge. A five day retreat is recommended; however, retreats of shorter duration may be arranged. Copyright © 2005 RaphaeliteWork.org. All Rights Reserved. 

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