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by Phillip Gowins 

The Sovereign Soul is a book of practical advice for those people who are either on a spiritual path or want to know more about the reality of following a distinct spiritual practice. The main focus is Sufism because that is my path but the advice given can apply to anyone on any spiritual path. There are experiences common to all paths and challenges that we all face regardless of the name given to the discipline we have chosen. I have been a spiritual guide for many years and the people I guide come from all sorts of backgrounds. This book is a practical, often humorous account of my spiritual journey sprinkled liberally with advice and practices that will help anyone on a spiritual path. There are many challenges and obstacles but if one meets them with humor and good will, knowing that others have faced the same challenges, one can successfully discover all the latent energy within and create the new world we all desire. 

The book was published in 2006 by New Paradigm Books of Boca Raton, Fla.

A new edition titled Practical Sufism - A Field Guide to the Spiritual Life will be published in Sept. 2010 by Quest Books.

An edition translated intoHindi is planned for 2010.

A Turkish language edition is available from Sira Yayinlari of Istanbul                                                                                  

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