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Five Session Weight Release Program: 

  • Core Issues Addressed

  • Learn Self-Hypnosis
  • Guided Imagery
  • Goal Setting
  • Emphasis on Exercise
  • Weight Loss mp3
  • Tapping on Meridians
  • Follow-Up Coaching

Have you tried everything and nothing works? Does that last ten to twenty pounds seem impossible? Hypnosis doesn't work miracles. There is no magic bullet. You have to be motivated. Hypnosis should be one component of an integrated program of weight loss which would include healthy eating and exercise. Your goal should be very clear. Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation and mental focus. It by-passes the critical factor of the conscious mind to help you reprogram old habits and beliefs. One facet of the sub-conscious works just like a computer and, of course, computers operate on the programs that are installed. While you are in a state of hypnosis, your subconscious mind is more available to you, more open to receive positive suggestions that will become a natural part of new behaviors.   

A very important function of the sub-conscious mind is protection -- whether real or imagined. Many times the extra weight serves as that protection. Depending upon the amount of weight that needs to be released, we use hypnosis to address the core issues that cause the unwanted weight. So, once you understand why you overeat, you can change your behavior and achieve a permanent healthy eating pattern. We give suggestions such as "you eat small portions of food" or "you feel completely satisfied with three small meals a day" or "you feel wonderful with your exercise program and your enjoyment of exercise increases with each visit to the gym" or "as you push your plate away a sense of pride arises in yourself." In addition, we use mental imagery. You might imagine how you would look in a new set of clothes and hear all the compliments from your friends. You might imagine yourself growing thinner, stronger and healthier. This is wonderful boost to your self-esteem. The program may also include tapping on certain meridians of the body which releases energy held within the energy field of the body. This is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

We also teach self-hypnosis and once you have learned self-hypnosis, you can use it for the rest of your life to enable you to achieve all your goals and be all that you can be. Our program entails eight session for weight loss depending, of course, on the amount of weight you need to lose. It is impossible to access the value of only one session.   

God bless you,Dawn       

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