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Hypnosis Session with Amy - Part 1

Hypnosis session

Hypnosis Session with Amy - Part 2

Hypnosis Session with Amy

What is Hypnosis? 

What is called hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we all slip into many times a day without really knowing we have done so. The hypnotist guides the client into this state in a controlled manner so that effective natural changes can be initiated at a subliminal level. 

Hypnosis is a natural process we all experience every day, for example, when driving or walking and not remembering the trip or watching TV and being unaware of events around one. It is a pathway into the unconscious where the information needed to heal wounds, solve problems, transform limitations and release creative energy can be found. The hypnotic state is a very intense concentration which blocks out all other sensory information. The hypnotized person is not asleep but is fully aware, the concentration being narrowed and focused. The brain waves of a hypnotized person are those of a person who is awake. Hypnosis is a state of induced receptivity of the subconscious mind. The hypnotist gives positive suggestions which the unconscious mind takes literally. The conscious mind uses both deductive and inductive reasoning but, to the sub–conscious mind, reasoning is deductive. It is as if the conscious mind gives a request or has a belief and the unconscious mind fulfills that request or finds a way to substantiate that belief. When trust and rapport are established between the hypnotist and the subject every suggestion that is accepted and acted upon initiates a spiral of belief leading to conviction and positive results. It is well known that any habit can be changed, with perseverance, in 21 days. With due concentration and daily reinforcement from self hypnosis and audio tapes, success can be achieved.     

Popular Misconceptions Perhaps the most persistent misconception is that the client will be controlled in some way by the hypnotist. The truth is that no one can be hypnotized against their will, nor can a hypnotized person reveal any innermost secret about themselves or carry out any action against their moral or sexual code. The hypnotized subject is in control and provides the impetus, energy and power for the desired outcome. The hypnotist merely guides the subject to that goal. Also, there is the concern that the subject will not be able to come out of hypnosis. A person might ask, "What if I have a heart attack while under hypnosis?" The answer is very simple: "Open your eyes and call 911." Another misconception is that the subject will lose conscious awareness. The subject does not lose awareness nor fall asleep. The subject is alert and aware at all times. This has been proven by studies employing the electroencephalogram (EEG). And another misconception is that only weak–willed or feeble–minded persons can be hypnotized. In fact, almost everyone can be hypnotized if they so desire.    

Who Can Be Hypnotized? Almost everybody can be hypnotized to some extent, but the best subjects are intelligent, highly motivated individuals. The degree of success is measured by the amount of subconscious acceptance and not by the depth of trance. Some people go into a light trance, some go very deep but most are in the middle range. Nonetheless anyone who achieves even a light trance can realize positive change. The most important factor is the desire to change. Everyone’s experience is slightly different but most find the hypnotic state to be extremely pleasant and enjoyable saying that they have never felt so relaxed and comfortable.     

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